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Fanfiction is important. Wynonna Earp fanfic helps us survive the hiatus between seasons, and the wait between Fridays. Join us Mondays as we take a deep dive into the wonderful and varied world of Wynonna Earp Fanfiction!


We'll discuss popular titles. Provide reviews and recommendations. And even interview authors. It's going to be #amazeballs


The Earp Fiction Addiction podcast. Discussing (almost) all things Wynonna Earp Fanfiction related. Episodes Post Every Monday! 

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Oct 19, 2020

This week DW and Laragh transcend reality as they hop from one universe to the next discussing cross-over fics! Then they chat with author Firecracker12 about their Southern-fried crossover!

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Legends of Purgatory by SharonSharpe

But It's Not a Foursome by imanerdybutch

Sweet Home Purgatory by...

Oct 12, 2020

This week DW & Delayne chat fic, art and werewolf bits with authors Smug and Wrackwonder and artist Scary Krystal!

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Howl Series by Mischieftess (aka Smug)

Collected works by Wrackwonder

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Episode artwork by Chantal Zeegers!


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Oct 5, 2020

This week DW and Delayne chat fanfic history with author Baggerheda (aka @boo_in_la) and discuss fanfic and it's relationship to IP Law with lawyer Danielle VanLier (@danielleVEsq)!

No fics to read this week, except for Danielle's Desert Island choice, listed below.

Episode Artwork by Chantal Zeegers

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Sep 28, 2020

This week DW and special guest host Climb get deep as they discuss the lovely fic "In the Herb Garden" by FaithSky! Then they chat with the author over a cuppa and some warm scones.

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In The Herb Garden by 


Episode artwork by Chantal Zeegers

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Sep 21, 2020

This week DW and Delayne chat about injuries and what-if's as the discuss 'The Consequence of Bravery' with author poopityfoo!


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Consequence of Bravery by 


Episode artwork by Chantal Zeegers

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Poopityfoo's Desert Island Fic Selection is:

(you know)...