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Fanfiction is important. Wynonna Earp fanfic helps us survive the hiatus between seasons, and the wait between Fridays. Join us Mondays as we take a deep dive into the wonderful and varied world of Wynonna Earp Fanfiction!


We'll discuss popular titles. Provide reviews and recommendations. And even interview authors. It's going to be #amazeballs


The Earp Fiction Addiction podcast. Discussing (almost) all things Wynonna Earp Fanfiction related. Episodes Post Every Monday! 

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May 28, 2018

This week DarkWiccan teams up with Laragh as they explore the Wizarding World discussing their favorite Hogwarts AU fics! Afterward, they sit down with author EmJayAnders to chat about their fic!


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"Dear Future Self - Hogwarts AU" by sscribe

"more than a name" by almostafantasia

"I Counted the Stars (and...

May 21, 2018

This week DW and Delayne talk about their favorite fic that "hurts so good": 'The Memories That Remain' by Haughtbreaker and Jaybear1701 and then sit down with the authors to find out what went into making this angsty masterpiece.


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The Memories That Remain by Haughtbreaker and Jaybear1701


This Week's...

May 14, 2018

DarkWiccan and Delayne have graduated high school and are on their way to the ivy-covered walls of University! Join them as they discuss their four favorite College/University AU fics! Then they sit down with author Bootsncatz and have a groovy chat!


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"Let's Get Married" by Thisusernameistakenagain


May 7, 2018

This week DarkWiccan and Delayne head back to school with their four favorite High School AU fics!! Then they sit down with authors theGAYnerd and Bootsncatz to discuss their fic "The Things Life Throws at Us"!


Read the Fics!


'Sick Lullabies' by aprilsnowstorms

'It's Not Hell, It's Purgatory' by FloingMachines


The First Ever EFA Fic Prompt Challenge!!!

May 1, 2018

So, what with all this fic reading and reviewing and recommending we thought the best idea ever would be to HAVE EVEN MORE FICS TO READ!!!

Thus, we have created [drumrollSFX.mp3]

The EFA Podcast Fic Prompt Challenge!!


Here Be the Rules:


  1. Authors submit a Wynonna Earp fanfiction story based on the single-word prompt...